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Web Application Development

In the web application work flow a number of technologies can be used to develop an application and perform same task. Certain customers will have a preference of one technology over another. Here at Elixir we have an expertise on the following technologies...


PHP is the Scripting language of popular choice for compatibility with Linux and Unix systems. The most popular database combination with PHP is MYSQL.

Our Custom Application Solutions

Social Networks

We can develop a custom social networking web application for you containing all the necessary features like events, groups, privacy, message board, internal mail boxes, invites, Image-Audio-Video sharing.

Classifieds and Marketplaces

We can develop web application like yellow pages, business listings, community based classifieds, marketplaces to let people buy and sell their services.


If you need an application for auction and Bidding, we can help you.


Our E-learning application will let you host a virtual classroom with capability to let users access their courses, take tests and get instant results.

Subscription and Membership

If your business runs on a subscription or membership model, our subscription application can help you easily take subscriptions for your products. A well appointed admin interface can be used to manage all the details to the last level.

Loyalty Reward Solution

Our loyalty reward solution is perfect for the hospitality industry or any other industry where you want to lure people to use your services time and again and offer rewards points for choosing to use your services.


We are there to help... We create custom applications so if you throw us your idea, our team can turn that into reality for you...


People who prefer to use proprietary software; we have a solution for them in the form of ASP.NET /VB.NET with MSSQL from Microsoft. The applications made in this technology are hosted on Windows Server.

WEB 2.0 / AJAX

While it is not an application in itself but it gets a mention here because all our application uses latest web2.0 techniques to increase the usability and enhance the user experience.