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We're taking Ecommerce to the next level and giving the customer a better on-line shopping experience.

Most modern Ecommerce websites are based on applications. They have a user interface, administration settings, store data in a database and follow a work-flow of processes. We're going to touch on some of these areas. An Ecommerce website can be thought of as a play with actors performing its scenes.

The main factors in an Ecommerce website are:

  • The Customer - buys products
  • The Website Owner - ships bought products & gets paid
  • The Ecommerce Application - interface between all the factors
  • The Payment Gateway - handles payment transactions
  • The Merchant/Business Bank Account - Website owner's business bank account

The main buying process of an Ecommerce website happens as follows:

  • Customer browses product catalogue
  • Customer adds product to basket
  • Customer buys product and enters check-out process
  • Ecommerce Application contacts a Payment Gateway
  • Payment Gateway provides secure customer shipping and payment details entry form
  • Customer securely enters shipping and payment information
  • Payment Gateway contacts Website Owners' Merchant Bank Account
  • Merchant Bank Account processes payment transaction and returns control to Payment Gateway
  • Payment Gateway returns Customer to Ecommerce Application
  • Ecommerce Application notifies Website Owner of purchase
  • Website Owner ships product to Customer

Of course there's a lot more detail going on in each step, but hopefully you gets the general idea that setting up an Ecommerce application is more complicated.